A mythological brew?

A few months back, I was perusing the catalog sent out by Northern Brewer. This supplier not only carries absolutely everything for brewing, equipment and ingredients, books and accessories, but they also have some very interesting and creative recipe kits. I copied down a list of the names of some of their kits’ beer styles, but deliberately chose not to look at their ingredients, opting to challenge myself to come up with my own version.

This is the first from that list that I have gotten around to brewing, after a little soul-searching and minimal research. I have concluded that this beer does not, in fact, exist in any commercial form, and is the product of Northern Brewer’s imagination. Not that that’s a bad thing – it’s a beer that should exist!

An Irish Blond Ale – what would that be like? Golden in color, obviously, but beyond that? Well, using an Irish ale yeast, a little caramel malt to add to and smoothe the body, a hint of peat-smoked malt, a ration of wheat to improve the head… Here’s my take on this brew, whether or not it’s real…

Hastings Ale

5 gallons, all-grain


  • 8 lbs. Maris Otter pale malt
  • 3/4 lb. carapils malt
  • 1/8 lb. peated malt
  • 2 lbs. malted wheat
  • 1/2 lb. honey malt
  • 1 oz. Perle hop pellets (at 8.3% aa)
  • 1 oz. Liberty hop pellets (at 4.0% aa)
  • White Labs Irish Ale yeast (WLP004)
  • 3/4 cup corn sugar for priming


Crush grains. Heat 15 quarts water to 163°F. Mash in grains, hold 60 minutes at 152°F. Heat another 13 quarts water to 170°F. Begin runoff and sparge, collecting 26 quarts of sweet wort. Bring to a boil. Add Perle hops, boil 30 minutes. Add Liberty hops, boil another 30 minutes (60 total), remove from heat. Chill to 80°F, take a hydrometer reading. Pour into a sanitized fermenter, splashing well to aerate. Pitch yeast, seal and ferment warm (65 – 68°F) for eight to ten days. Rack to secondary, age ten to twelve days at 55 – 60°F. Prime with corn sugar, bottle and condition for two weeks at 45 – 55°F.

OG: 1066

IBU’s: 43



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