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My friend Chris Fleisher writes a bi-weekly beer column (On Tap) in our local paper, the Valley News. I get quoted about every third article. This week’s article was about my late great friend Greg Noonan and the imminent release of Smuttynose Brewing’s “Noonan” Black IPA… Well done, Chris, and thanks!

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  1. I’ve seen more and more bars expand their beer leinups into the micro realm. That’s a good thing. But, like you point out, many of these bars will server any bottled beer without a glass. That’s a bad thing. (They’re so used to serving beers where it really doesn’t matter.)I guess we just need to keep asking for a glass until they get the right idea.Of course, I’ve been to bars that have been serving real beer for some time, and not only do they serve bottled beer with a glass (sometimes even pouring it for you), but they actually have the proper glasses for different styles, taboot.

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