Another loss

Eleven years ago, when I was researching beers for North American Clone Brews, I was having trouble getting ahold of some of the better brews from the Pacific Northwest and the Big Sky Country. Someone recommended that I call Don Younger in Portland, OR, as he was about the most knowledgeable and friendly beer guy out there. Turned out that Don owned a pub and a bottle shop (The Horse Brass and Belmont Station), and he was indeed a true gentleman, scholar and craft brew expert. We talked beer on the phone for about an hour, and a week later I got a big box of bottles – he had assembled for me what he felt were the best, most representative beers from OR, WA, ID, MT and WY, and sent them along. Some he made me pay for (Don was a businessman) but some, like a 7-year-old Pike Old Bawdy Barleywine, were gifts to someone he had not met but with whom I guess he felt a kinship… I never did get to meet Don face to face, and now he has passed away and I never will. I am indebted to Don, and am raising a glass to him this evening. Slainté, Don, I hope there is indeed good beer in heaven.
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