News – A project in the works

Disclaimer: I am not personally involved in this, nor do I know the folks behind it. BUT this would be a huge boon to homebrewers (and nano-breweries as well) in New England and on the East Coast in general. Right now, I pay almost 40% of the cost of fresh liquid yeast for shipping alone. Please consider supporting these guys!

East Coast Yeast Lab

What’s new?

Please forgive my silence for the last couple of months – a couple of deaths in the family and a couple of changes in job schedule and responsibilities have made it a challenge to find the time to post a coherent piece… I hope to get back on track very soon and get you all up to speed… Meanwhile, just an announcement; I have assumed the duties of wine and beer buyer in addition to my home brew department at the SoRo Market; this means a new schedule, and a bit less market presence upfront, but all in all it’s a great new way to be there for the homebrewers… so come on in and find me, Monday through Thursday 9 to 5, as well as the occasional Saturday am, let’s talk beer! Also look for a new Homebrew Dept. Facebook page, coming soon…

Another PR moment…

My daughter-in-law Jo happened to be buying ingredients for a batch when a reporter was doing a story on my old friend Anne Whyte and her homebrew supply shop in Winooski… Jo had the wisdom and forethought to make sure she mentioned me!