speaking & interviews


I can be available in-person, via phone, email, or video.


You provide the audience, a microphone (if necessary) and a dais/podium of some kind. I’ll provide the knowledge, insight and wit!


I get $40/hour (including travel time) for any of these appearances, plus mileage and the cost of any ingredients, beer, etc.

For example: A basic extract brewing class with 3 beers to taste and appreciate, in the Tunbridge / South Royalton area:

1 hour travel, 3 hours brewing $160
Ingredients $35
Beer $15
Mileage (15 miles @ .51/mile) $7.65
TOTAL $217.65
Split between 8 people $27.21

Each participant would get a six-pack of beer as well as a wealth of knowledge and information, and an unforgettable experience!

Contact me for more info or to discuss scheduling an event!