Recognize me?
Recognize me?

Greetings and welcome to the website!

You are either very lucky, or you spotted my t-shirt somewhere out in the real world – perhaps at the Vermont Brewers’ Festival in July? at the SoRo Market? at another beer-related event? –  and scanned the QR code. Whichever, I’m glad you made it.

Anyway, you’re here, I’m here (sort of), so let’s talk beer! If you scanned my chest at the VBF, what I wanna know is: how was it? what did you think of the festival? what beer or beers impressed you? The dialogue begins here. If you saw the code somewhere else, please check in and let me know where, what we were doing at the time… and what we were drinking! It’s all about the beer, as my friend and mentor Greg Noonan used to say…

When you’re done with that, I hope you’ll look around at the rest of the website, starting back at the homepage, which will explain what the Homebrew Guru is all about.

Cheers, and keep in touch!

-Scott, the Guru

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